Sunday, 30 November 2014

Quality Label

New school year started two months ago and we started a new etwinning project. We worked hard on etwinning newspaper and this blog and we won Quality Label. It is a certification for the quality of the etwinning project.
Anyway we won't close this blog but we will post our school's event or city's event. Thank you to all that followed and still floow us.

Panella-Vallauri Group

Thursday, 22 May 2014


In Italy teenagers usually have a summer trip with other teenagers. There are different kinds of camps.

For example Luigi went to a music camp in Sardegna last summer. In that camp all teenagers had the opportunity of taking lessons with famous musicians and doing a concert at the end of the camp.

Also Marco went to a boyscout  camp last summer. In that occasion some teams challenged each other on specific topics such as cooking, agility, running, and so on. The winner team for each skill gained a medal as a prize for its knowledge about that particular topic. It was very amazing!
According to us summer camps can be a very interesting and funny experience for all teenagers, with important educational values too.

                                                                                                                by Luigi   and Marco

Meet Sherrita Duran: gospel music is back in town

On 29th march we went to Siracusa theatre in R.Calabria, to take part in gospel singer Sherrita Duran workshop. We talked about gospel music origins, and after that we sang together several songs belonging to the same genre. There were also other classes  from our school and from other schools as well. It has been a very interesting and exciting experience, because we sang with a very good singer.

Nanotechnology is the future

We think nanotechnology is the most exciting thing that we've read about for years! It will bring us many benefits. In my opinion, using nanotechnology in the energy field is the most important benefit because will have a free supply of energy that isn't damaging to the environment.Benefits already observed from the design of these products are an increased electrical storage capacity, and a decrease in the amount of pollution from the use of energy. Benefits such as these make the investment of capital in the research and development of nanotechnology a top priority. In fact, we live in the southern part of Italy and during year there is the sun. Here it would be really possible to use sunlight as main energetic resource.

Another exciting idea is also thinking that one day planes and cars will use solar energy instead of classic fuel.

 By Raffaele Putortì, Domenico Violi, Angelo La Rocca, Cristina Chirila, Robert Ilinca

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Technology and Gaming


In Italy we use a lot of technology especially mobile phones and ebook, usually each person has at least one cell and the children learn to use them when they are babies. In Italy, the technology is widespread and advanced. As for the games they are also widely used especially by children, young people but also adults. Consoles which are used mainly playstation 3 and xbox 360 and PC and many others. You can also define that in Italy the technology and the games become very easy to employee, the majority of people are always on the phone or the PC.
Danilo: ”I like playing videogames with friends but also alone and I spent hour and hour on it”
Robert :”Instead I use so much my telephone for messaging and playing games like Crandy Crush and QuizDuello.”

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Survey on Students' Dating Habits

This is a report on a survey of students’ dating habits. We gave a questionnaire to 124 students from all three grades of our school.

These are the questions we asked:
1.            Where do you usually meet people your age?
2.            Where do you go on a date?
3.            Would you go out with someone you have met online?
4.             Do you tell the truth about yourself on the first date?
5.             What is your ideal partner like? 

The results were very interesting. Check them out below here!.

From Mark and Luana